Officials warn Snake and Clearwater River running fast and full of debris

snake river debris pic.jpg

With the weather warming up, many folks are cooling off in our local rivers, but right now, it could be dangerous. Water on both the Clearwater and Snake River is high, moving fast, and filled with debris.

I’m on the Nez Perce County side right by the Southway Bridge of the Snake River.…. As you can see, there are giant logs floating along Swallows Nest Park. And that’s just one of the hidden potential dangers right now.

We spoke with Asotin County Sheriff’s Sergeant, Cory Kingsbury, who is in charge of the marine unit. He doesn’t recommend that boats be out in the water right now just because of how fast the Snake River is running and all the debris. He said the logs can be so big, that one end gets stuck in the mud, while the other end will stick out of the water’s surface at an angle. When that happens, boats can be what he calls “harpooned.”

Sgt. Kingsbury said, “The river doesn't have very much visibility so not only is there a lot of debris that you can see, there's also a lot that you can't see. So when you're out there, if you're gonna be out on your boat or something like that you want to be really careful. right now it's a pretty dangerous time to be out on the water with all the debris."

There you have it. Sergeant Kingsbury doesn’t recommend anyone going out on the water, but if you do, make sure you take precaution to stay safe.

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