One dead, one in custody after fatal shooting in Peck, Idaho

PECK, ID - A small community is in shock Tuesday night following a deadly shooting in Peck, Idaho.

Law enforcement isn't releasing a whole lot of information at this time but what we do know is that two shots were fired at a residence in Peck, Idaho. One person is dead and one is in custody.

"We're going to process the scene, we're going to collect evidence," said Nez Perce Co. Sheriff, Joe Rodriguez. "We're taking people that have interviews that were on scene, witnesses, and then the person that was detained will be interviewed."

Despite law enforcement not releasing names, neighbors said that they know who the alleged shooter is and are stunned by the fatal outcome.

"He's a good person, I mean if you got something broke down, I mean he's there to help," said neighbor Patty Ross.

"He's one of the best guys I know," said friend of suspected shooter, Jaared Firzlagg. "He's one of my best friends, he's always there to help, great guy."

"And that's not something he would do unless he had good reason," said Ross. "That's why its hard to believe."

And while many questions remain to be answered, one things certain....the quiet town of Peck has woken.

"I mean I don't even lock my doors or nothing," said Ross. "Nothing I mean at night you'd think this place was like a ghost town."

"Idaho State Police has come in to assist us do an agency assist and we're going to start processing the crime scene right now," said Sheriff Rodriguez.

So far, law enforcement isn't releasing any names.