One traffic lane on Blue Bridge for 40th Annual Seaport River Run

blue bridge.jpg

New information on some changes to how the valley’s largest road race will affect drivers. Tomorrow is the 40th Annual Seaport River Run.

Yesterday it was announced that traffic on the Blue Bridge would not be affected by the run, those plans were quickly changed as the city has decided to close one lane.

Lewiston Parks and Recreation Director, Beeg Johnson says this isn’t new for the annual run, and will help keep participants safe as they cross the bridge.

Brandon “Beeg” Johnson says, "The Blue Bridge traditionally has a lane closure westbound and we're going to continue that lane closure. So the westbound north lane on the Blue Bridge will be closed for runners."

Beeg said that lane will close around 9:00AM tomorrow morning, and should open back around 1:00.

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