One-year anniversary of Clarkston missing man

CLARKSTON, WA - Jonathan Schrattenholzer of Clarkston went missing on February 21st of last year.

Thursday, his case is the main focus for the Asotin County Sheriff's Office because of the one-year anniversary of his disappearance. Sheriff Ken Bancroft said that even though the case has gone cold they will leave no stone unturned.

"The civilian search and rescue adjunct to my office has gone out and tried to follow leads up," said Sheriff Bancroft. "So whenever we get something we go out and try to chase it down and so far nothing."

Bancroft said that Schrattenholzer and Rachel Anderson are the only two people missing from the county at this time.

Investigators urge anyone who comes across a 1995 Black Honda Passport with a Washington license plate of 916UDF to call the Asotin County Sheriff's Office at 243-4717.