Ordinance for “Smoke Free Air” drafted by Lewiston City Council

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Today pen hit paper for a draft in the push by city officials to ban smoking in public parks. The “Smoke Free Air” ordinance places a ban on smoking in public spaces, including 20 feet from any business entrances, parks, and any other property owned by the city.

The ordinance was drafted by city council members, Cari Miller and Jesse Maldonado. Councilor Miller says the idea behind it is to create safe and healthy spaces for children and the general public.

"There's such harmful things that can come from smoke in the air, from triggering asthma, to even more complicated and even deadly side effects for second hand smoke,” said Miller. “And I think we just want to keep Lewiston and their residents safe."

Councilor Miller says that they aren’t trying to infringe on the public’s right to smoke, they just want to promote cleaner air.

They do plan to create designated smoking areas in city parks that are located far enough away from play areas for children not to be affected.

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