Ore. woman's security camera catches panty package thief in the act

PORTLAND, Ore. - A Southeast Portland woman is hoping a home video security system that captured a man stealing a package from her front door helps police capture a suspect.

Meanwhile, Jen Hill is getting a bit of a laugh over the situation, since the suspect, clearly a man, got away with something he probably won't have much use for: her underwear.

"I actually get email alerts whenever there's a motion, so that's what I got," Hill said. The security camera system alerted her smartphone when it activated last Tuesday. She was then able to watch video from the camera on her phone as it was being recorded.

She said video she usually sees from the system - usually of cats, birds and other animals - is a lot less exciting than the recent theft caught by on video.

"He's a panty thief. That's what he is," Hill said with a chuckle. She said she filed a police report.

The suspect appears to be an adult black male wearing a backpack and what looks like pink gloves. He swoops in quickly, leans over her small porch and grabs the package of panties before walking away.

Given the opportunity, Hill said she wants to tell the thief to "give me back my panties!"

"There's a lot of petty crime around here," Hill said. "I think he was hoping there was something better than ladies underwear in there."

Police have not said if an investigation is in progress.