Orofino man caught trying to break out of jail after burglarizing nearby mill

OROFINO, ID - An Orofino man is having quite the run in with the law after being arrested Wednesday and trying to break out of jail on Thursday.

The Clearwater County Sheriffs Office responded to a burglary in progress at a local mill. Christopher Jennings allegedly tried to pass himself off as a mill worker and began taking items that weren't his. After being confronted, Jennings took off on foot.

"They tracked him for about two and a half hours, up around the hillside and down by the railroad tracks," said Chris Goetz. "It was easy to track him because he had a real distinct pattern on his shoe. So they started look all over Orofino creek and found him laying on the bank trying to hide from them."

Jennings was arrested on several felony and misdemeanor charges, but the running wasn't over as he tried to break out of jail Thursday. He was unsuccessful and is now being held in high security.