Orofino teen Kristian Perez missing after leaving high school prom


The search is on to find Kristian Perez, a teen who vanished without a trace. The investigation began Saturday night when the 17-year-old seemingly disappeared from his high school prom.

It’s been about 48 hours since Kristian Perez vanished from Orofino. Right now Orofino police have secured a search warrant for Perez’s cellphone, going through calls and text messages, in hopes of figuring out if any information can help find him.

Police say the last time anyone saw him was Saturday night, when he signed out of the prom at 9:32p.m.

Here’s a look at where Perez was last seen, The National Guard Armory off of Highway-12 where Orofino’s prom was held.

According to Orofino police, Perez was reported missing by his mother after he didn’t return home.

Police brought in a canine tracking team, which indicated Kristian may have walked west from the National Guard Armory. But the track was lost after a short distance, near an entrance into a nearby parking lot along the highway. It is believed Kristian may have then entered a vehicle.

Shannon Moudy, news reporter spoke with the school district’s superintendent Robert Vian, who said the school has a crisis prevention program for any students or staff affected.

"The administration met with the staff this morning to give the staff as much information as we have about the missing student, let the teachers know that if any students were struggling or having particular concerns they should be sent to the counselors’ office,” said Vian. “So we sort of have protocols in place to help students and staff deal with situations, but this one is fairly unique."

If you have any information on where Kristian Perez may be, let authorities know right away.

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