Owner of dog with rare birth defect needs help paying for surgery

MOSCOW, ID - A University of Idaho student is on a mission to cure his dog of a very rare birth defect called Urethrorectal Fistula.

George Thornborrow's dog is named Buck, an he's been on antibiotics and pain medication for most of his life because this condition causes him to have bloody urine, recurrent urinary tract infections, and pass urine through his anus. All this makes it painful for Buck to relieve himself.

"When you do see that, it's pretty graphic and it's pretty sad because he's such a healthy dog and he's only a year and a half old too, which is really strange," said Thornborrow. "And it's hard to watch your puppy grow up sick."

Thornborrow said it took awhile for doctors to figure out exactly what's wrong with him, and the vets at Washington State University tell him there's only about a dozen reported cases of urethrorectal fistula. Buck's condition can be fixed, but surgery could cost up to $3,500,
So Thornborrow set up a "Go Fund Me" account online and so far he's received a ton of support from the community.