Owners leave legacy with expansion of Hilltop Inn

PULLMAN, WA - Pullman's Hilltop Inn recently released renderings of the remodeled hotel that will include an additional 56 hotel rooms.

This is exciting news for Washington State University football fans because during the season some Coug fans have to book rooms as far away as Spokane when they come into town for a game. Hilltop Inn owner Barb Wachter said that the improved hotel will be her and her husband's legacy in Pullman.

"We've lived here fifty years and the exciting part for us is that this is a family-owned business and it's going to be here forever," said Wachter.

With the addition, the Hilltop Inn will have 115 rooms. According to the developer, construction is on schedule and it should be completed by March 15th. The remodeling of the old hotel will be finished in a month, and guests will be able to stay in the new rooms starting April 1st. On top of that, WSU is in the process of building a new 131-room hotel right on campus.