"Paint the Town Red" by wearing red during February

LEWISTON, ID - "Paint the Town Red", that's the message in February from hospital staff at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

Officials said heart disease is the number-one cause of death among women, more than all cancers combined. St. Joseph is encouraging everyone in our region to wear red on Friday in support of raising awareness of this awful disease.

"Historically for years we thought heart disease was a male problem but it hits both genders," said SJRMC Cardiologist Doctor Perry. "It just hit women a little later."

"We really want to bring that awareness to our community and really hope that we can promote not just women but men to make a change," said SJRMC Director of Community Health Christina Metcalf.

One in three women die from heart disease, and the staff at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center encourage everyone to get checked out by their physician if they have any questions or concerns