Palouse Comic-Con attracts self-proclaimed nerds to convention

PULLMAN, WA - Over the weekend, a major comic convention was hosted on the Palouse for the first time in years.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin takes us inside the Schweitzer Event Center and gives us a look at "Pac-Con Palouse".

"I really love comic books, I've always loved this stuff," said Pullman resident Nicholas Smith. "And so when I heard that Comic Con was coming to town, I was really excited about that."

"Giving the nerds a place to go, where they can connect," said Pullman resident Amelia Oswald.

"We're just nerds at heart, wanted to see what it'd be like for our first time," said Colfax resident Casey Martin.

"Go ahead and take the stage, you don't have to pose here," said emcee. "Take the stage."

"It's building community," said Makeup Artist Mike Long. "I mean, the more Moscow-Pullman grows, Lewiston-Clarkston, the more we need to have events that reaches out to everybody's interests."

"We come from a small town, so nothing like this ever really happens," said Martin. "We wanted to see what it would be like. We were just curious."

"Alright we have Lee as a Halo marine," said emcee.

"My favorite part? Seeing the costumes," said Long. "Seeing the creativity of every individual here."

"Costumes are great, I mean everybody's done a really good job," said Colfax resident Tim Mellis.

"We've got like two different dead pools here, we've seen the thing," said Smith. "Like Death Stroke and all that stuff. Just a lot of really cool characters here."

"I saw a lady from Silent Hill," said Oswold. "It was fantastic. We got really excited about it. People like us I don't know. It's cool."

"I mean it was great and I'd recommend it for other people," said Martin. "It was so much fun."

"Ya it was a blast," said Mellis.

"Thank you for coming enjoy the festivities," said emcee.

We spoke with the organizer of the event, Pacific Conventions Owner Jake Mackessy. He said the convention went even better than expected, and he hopes to do it again next year.