Palouse volunteers honor Martin Luther King Jr. with 'Day of Service'

MOSCOW, ID - Up on the Palouse, Washington State University students also participated in the tradition of volunteering to honor Doctor Martin Luther King Junior.

KLEW caught up with some Wazzu students at the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute in Moscow, where they were doing some wetland renovations. The students we spoke with said they decided to turn their day off into a day of service because they wanted to do something productive with their free time.

"Well, it's January right now, and most of the time people don't want to go outside, but we're outside and it's not that cold," said WSU Student Jessica DeBoer. "So, I mean getting some fresh air is always great."

"Just to come out here and really try to better the stream and what-not," said WSU student Michael Kamradt. "It's just been a really good time and I really wanted to put myself out there as opposed to just staying in and doing homework, but really getting out there and contributing back to the community."

The work that these students did on the stream will help build up more water and make it a more hospitable environment for wetland species. Other WSU students helped the Community Action Center sort food from the Palouse Cares Food Drive.