Participate in the real-life search of "Find Waldo in the Palouse"

MOSCOW, ID - Growing up, many of us would get lost searching the pages of the 'Where's Waldo?' books. Reporter Jenee' Ryan shows us how you can do it on the Palouse, in real life.

Meet Bo and Taytum. They just found Waldo. Through the month of July, 25 local businesses and nonprofits hid a small cardboard cut out of Waldo somewhere in their store for "Find Waldo in the Palouse."

This is the third year Moscow's Book People has hosted the event sponsored by Candlewick Press. And it's a way for fans young and old of the "Where's Waldo" children's books series to live out the hunt.

"Everyone knows about 'Where's Waldo' and it's something nostalgic both for the parents, the college students and the kids," said Book People Assistant Manager, Jesica DeHart.

Each searcher gets a passport that lists all the stores they need to find Waldo in.

When participants find Waldo, they bring their passport up to the counter where the worker at the store will give them a stamp for where they found him. A prize is awarded when ten Waldo's are found, and the participant is entered into a raffle for bigger prizes when they find 20 Waldo's.

"All of the participating business and nonprofits have generously donated amazing prizes," said DeHart.

The Waldo hunt benefits the local businesses by bringing in new foot traffic.

"About half of the people that have come, have never been here before," said Tye Dye Everything Owner, Arlene Falcon. "So that's been a lot of fun."

It also brings searchers into places they night never go into otherwise.

"It really is a fun chance to bring in a different part of our community that we wouldn't normally see," said Moscow Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gina Taruscio.

There will be a party at Book People in Moscow on July 30th to conclude the search and give out the raffle prizes.