Pauline Anderson honored for 50 years at N.P. Co. Assessor's Office

LEWISTON, ID - A woman who has dedicated half a century to Nez Perce County, is honored at a memorable ceremony.

Pauline Anderson is retiring after 50 years of service to the Nez Perce County Assessor's Office, but her legacy will continue. Assessor Dan Anderson had everyone walk from the meeting to the courthouse for a surprise ceremony. A moving speech and the unveiling of an engraved marble bench were some of the highlights for the beloved employee.

"It was just like you just got up went to work and before you knew it, 25 years had passed," said Anderson. "This, this has really take the bag. It really has been a big surprise, something I never would have expected."

The Nez Perce County Assessor's Office is the only place Pauline has worked since high school.