Pets ready for adoption at Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewis Clark Animal Shelter has many animals that need good homes, and is encouraging the public to make adoption their number one choice.

The animal shelter is home to over 40 cats and dogs. Currently the shelter can't accept any more surrendered dogs because they've reached their maximum capacity, an occupancy status which changes as more dogs become adopted or claimed.

"Giving them a second chance, some of them may not have had the greatest first part of their life however long it might of been, whether it's six months or five years," said Director of Operations LC Animal Shelter Donna Duffau. "But to give them a nice home and a secure place is really rewarding."

In May the Lewis Clark Animal Shelter took in 19 dogs and 13 cats that were all surrenders. The Animal shelter provides service to six different areas and not only finds countless homes for animals, but also provides minor care and a spay and neuter clinic for low cost to the public.

Everyone should bring their dogs out and support the Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter on June ninth for the Annual Paws in the Park. Vendors will be on hand and activities are scheduled throughout the afternoon for both pet and owner.