Pipe bomb sent to Spokane for forensic testing


A neighbor found this device in a ditch along the 1700 block of Grelle Avenue around 1:30 Thursday afternoon. He immediately called Lewiston police, and that’s a good thing. The pipe bomb turned out to be the real deal. Lewiston police cordoned off the area, then called the Spokane Bomb Squad.

Lieutenant Jeff Klone said usually these devices aren’t dangerous, but they always want people to be cautious and give them a call anyway.

Lt. Klone said, "The person who called this in did everything right. They saw it, got away from it, and called the police. We recommend not using your cellphone around the device. Back away, call us, and then just keep everybody away from it until we get there."

The device was taken back to Spokane, where technicians will look for any clues. There are no suspects at this time, but if you have any information give Lewiston police a call.

Lieutenant Klone said they’ve gotten four calls about possible explosive devices since last June. This is the only pipe bomb they’ve had to deal with out of those calls.

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