Pipe repair leads to ruptured pipe causing Lewiston streets flooding

LEWISTON, ID - Streets in Lewiston are drying out after a ruptured pipe caused some flooding.

Workers from the City of Lewiston were trying to fix a leaky valve on 21st Street when they somehow ruptured a pipe, causing part of 16th Avenue to close.

Waste Water Systems Manager David Six said he can't remember the last time this has happened as leaky pipes are typically a normal repair.

"We repair about 40 to 45 leaks a year, this is the first one in several years that we've had a problem with," said Six. "We do have some leaks that rupture before we get there and they are fairly sizable leaks too. But not when we're trying to repair one."

Six said they will investigate to figure out what broke, clean the water system and take a bacterial sample at the end to make sure everything is okay.