Pit bull owner filed appeal in court that dog is not dangerous

LEWISTON, ID - The owner of the dog that was shot by a Lewiston Police officer in the Orchards has appealed the city's decision to deem his dog dangerous.

Craig Pettit, 26, of Lewiston arrived at his home last Monday to find his dog a few blocks down the street with a gun shot wound above his hind leg.

Police were called to the neighborhood after Pettit's dog Chance allegedly attacked his neighbor, Robert Clark, who then called police. Once police arrived Chance allegedly charged the officer.

Pettit said that his dog has never hurt or threatened anyone and is appealing the city's dangerous dog designations.

According to Lewiston Police Caption Tom Green, Pettit and witnesses will appear before an appeals board on July 26th. If the appeal is denied, Pettit must comply with the city code and fulfill certain requirements in order to keep Chance.