'Pizza in the Park' sales help build Skateboard Park in Palouse, Wash

PALOUSE, WA - A Palouse man has dreamt of building a skatepark in his hometown for about ten years, and it looks like that dream will soon become a reality.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin shows us how the Palouse Skatepark Association is raising money to fund the project.

Palouse resident Aaron Flansburg has found a unique way to combine two of his passions. That's pizza...

"Seven years ago my wife and I went to Italy," said Palouse Skatepark Association Director Aaron Flansburg. "I was inspired to make awesome pizza after that trip."

And skateboarding.

"It's just a really good activity to keep kids busy," said Flansburg.

Flansburg and a team of volunteers spent Sunday night cooking up more than 50 pizzas to deliver to friends in exchange for donations.

"It's been our easiest and best fundraiser to date," said Flansburg.

They're raising money to build a skatepark in town, something that Flansburg has been trying to do for about ten years.

"Basically it just took someone, in this case it was me, to say, 'We're going to get this done and we're going to make it happen,' said Flansburg. "This has been almost like a second job for me. Now that I've got little kids of my own and I live in Palouse, we're making a hard drive to get this done within the next year or two."

Flansburg has plenty of support from his community.

"There's a handful of us that are adults I guess that love skateboarding still and try to improve it and support the scene and the kids here," said volunteer Mike Kammeyer.

"It'd be really nice because skating out here is kind of hard on just the roads and it'd be nice to have some smooth places to skate," said volunteer Eddie O'Neill.

And in November he received approval from the city council to build it near the city park.

"My hope is that we can break ground on it this summer," said Flansburg. "And I don't believe that it's all going to happen at once. I think it's going to be a phased development. But I'm hoping within the next three or four year to be completely done with this."

Pizza for the Park is just one way Flansburg raises money for the project but it's certainly the most delicious.

"None of this is public money going to build this park," said Flansburg. "This is all on us, this is our project. And I believe Palouse is going to take ownership of this project because of that."

The Palouse Skatepark Association raised almost $1,000 through the "Pizza For The Park" event Sunday night. Their goal is to have $30,000 by the time they break ground, and they've already raised more than $20,000.