Plan for warning system in downtown Pullman for parking violations

PULLMAN, WA - Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins announced his plan to implement a warning system for downtown parking violations during a city council meeting Tuesday night.

Over the last few months, the city council has discussed what could be done to keep the enforcement of parking violations from discouraging people from visiting the downtown area. Chief Jenkins says the warning system is business-friendly because first-time offenders will return to an informational brochure as opposed to a ticket on their windshield.

"The brochure would explain what our regulations are, and will likely include either a map or a description of where the two hour parking limits are and where other parking options are in the downtown area," said Jenkins.

The Pullman Chamber of Commerce has opted to pay for the $3,000 piece of equipment needed to keep track of parking violations through license plates.

The city council gave their consent for the plan Tuesday night, but the infraction warning still needs to be approved by the state. Chief Jenkins expects the warning system to be up and running by March.