Planning and Zoning agree where pot shops can open in Asotin County

CLARKSTON, WA - Locally, the Planning and Zoning Commission held their second meeting Tuesday night discussing pot shop zones.

KLEW News takes you to that meeting where they've made tentative decisions on grow operations.

With a six month moratorium in place, the Building and Planning Commission has one mission...figure out where people can grow, distribute and sell marijuana.

"This is an issue that's going to make a lot of money," said Planning & Zoning Committee Chairman, Mark Rudd. "So it's important to not, from our stand point, to not limit it any more than it already is, because these license requirements are pretty involved."

The team is making headway. Tuesday night they agreed on different parts of the county that can and cannot grow marijuana. They ruled out all residential, public and recreational areas. Leaving the option to grow in industrial or agricultural areas with a conditional use permit. To give you some idea of where that might be, some of that land is to the west of Evans Road in the Clarkston Heights.

"Tonight one of the things that came to my mind was a loading dock," said Asotin County Attorney Jane Risley. "You know, you want to make sure you got a loading dock, it's brightly lit, and the police can get to it very quickly."

But the Planning and Zoning Commission heard some comments from audience members. A representative from EPIC, Empowering People and Impacting Choices of Clarkston, said the coalition doesn't want any pot in the county at all.

"We are requesting that you make the recommendation to the county commissioners to ban all production, processing and retailing in Asotin County," said EPIC Representative, Melissa Welter.

At their next meeting they'll need to decide where processing can take place and where retail shops can open up. Then they'll hand over their recommendations to the county commissioners, who have the ultimate say in the matter.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will meet the first and third Tuesday of every month until this matter is resolved.