Planning Commission establishes new zone called Neighborhood Commercial for pot zoning

CLARKSTON, WA - Only 15 people showed up to talk about pot in Clarkston Monday night.

The biggest concern people have right now is that a pot shop could potentially open up just down the street from the Boys and Girls Club. The State of Washington established an initial map of where people are allowed to grow, manufacture and sell marijuana.

City leaders decided to create a new category for any area that tend to have kids around.

"Through the process of revising the zoning matrix and looking at the marijuana issue, we decided we needed a new zone called neighborhood commercial," said City of Clarkston Planning Commission Chair, John Murray.

Murray said they realized they needed to develop this new category to help protect residential values.

Now, Public Works Director Jim Martin will put together the information and hand it off to Planning and Zoning, who will present it to the city council for a decision.

The next Planning and Zoning Commission meeting is slated for July 21st.