Planning phase ends,construction begins on Pullman High School remodel

PULLMAN, WA - After more than a year of planning, dirt is flying and construction crews are tearing up ground in front of Pullman High School.

Construction started earlier this week and Pullman High School Principal Joe Thornton said it makes things a little more hectic around campus, but things are progressing smoothly.

Pullman voters passed a $53-million bond in February 2013, and the school district has been working with architects to plan the project ever since.

"We feel like we've been working on this for 10 years," said Principal Thornton. "It's really only been about a year, it was about a year and a half ago that the bond had passed, so we're definitely excited and we know it's going to be two years of a lot of extra work, but we're keeping our vision on what the finished project is going to be like."

This construction will continue through the school year. When students start class in August, parts of the building will be blocked off and teachers and administrators will use temporary classrooms and offices. The building remodel will be done in multiple phases to have the least possible impact on the students' school work. They expect to have it complete by Fall of 2016.