Police: Drunken, diapered man pees all over Seattle patrol car

SEATTLE -- In an incident that could elicit sympathy from even the SPD's harshest critics, a diapered, drunken man urinated all over the back of a patrol car Sunday night, leaving officers to deal with the mess, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to police, the man was brought into Harborview Medical Center earlier that night and was so drunk he had to be restrained to a bed.

Despite being restrained, the man still managed to remove his genitals from his pants and proceeded to urinate on the floor, according to police.

Nurses at Harborview later told officers they were forced to put a diaper on the man after he said he didn't care where he peed or who he peed on.

While forcibly diapering him, the man spit in the face of one of the nurses, according to police.

Officers arrived and arrested the man on suspicion of assault.

According to police, while officers were transporting the still-diapered man he threatened to urinate in their patrol car if they didn't give his pants back.

They didn't, and the man let loose a pee that will cost SPD $123 per hour to clean up, according to police.

The man was booked into King County Jail.