Police find stolen property at Kamiah house from storage shed burglaries

LEWISTON, ID - Storage break-ins have been a frequent problem in Lewiston and surrounding regions.

We bring you some good news as the Lewiston Police Department begins to close-in on some suspected thieves.

An ongoing investigation has taken detectives from LPD to a house in Kamiah. After getting a search warrant on the house and a storage locker in Clarkston, police found stolen property from at least three separate storage unit burglaries. LPD Captain Tom Greene believes there are many other cases that can be connected to these individuals.

"The investigation is ongoing, detectives are working currently and trying to link more burglaries to these people," said Greene. "But we also have information that there may be other people involved in other storage unit burglaries and were looking into that as well."

Some recovered items yet to be claimed are 130 match box cars, a framed New Yorker newspaper from the Lincoln assassination and also a military scrapbook from 1945 with the name Allen Maynard on it.

If you have any information contact the Lewiston Police Department at (208) 746-0171.