Popular Palouse Ice Rink seeks donations to build a full-size rink and building

MOSCOW, ID - From hockey tournaments to science on the ice, The Palouse Ice Rink is one of the most active recreational facilities in the region.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin explains why parents are raising money to build a newer, larger facility for the community to skate on.

On the Palouse, there's only one place to skate and it's right here at the Palouse Ice Rink in Moscow.

"It's the most active community center we have for kids, really," said Moscow resident Brian Dyre. "And for adult play as well. There's more involvement here at this hockey rink than just about any other venue in town."

The Palouse Youth Hockey Association hosted the Squirt Hockey Tournament at the rink on Saturday.

"I like playing hockey because I think it's a good way let loose my energy and it's fun to practice shooting on net," said Moscow Bears Hockey Player Zachary Dyre. "Feels good when you win a game, but it also feels good even if you loose."

The Palouse Ice Rink is the home of the Bears, and the teams have players from Moscow and Pullman.

"It's a great sport for the physical development of kids, and emotional development," said Dyre.

The ice rink allows kids to make friends from different schools
And prove that hockey isn't just for boys.

"Why watch it when you can play it?" said Moscow Bears Hockey Player Olivia Montgomery.

But... this rink has its limitations.

"It doesn't have a permanent building, we have kind of a tent, quonset hut here and our ice sheet is only about 75% of a full size ice rink, so right now the community is involved in fundraising to build a full sized rink with a permanent building," said Dyre.

There's been a couple very successful fundraisers to support the Palouse Ice Rink, and they've raised more than $150,000 toward a new facility. But they still have a long way to go. Preliminary estimates show that a new rink could cost up to $3-million dollars.

If you'd like to find out more about how to donate toward a new rink, go to their website.