Population growth for the Gem State outpaces growth nationwide

LEWISTON, ID - According to the Census Bureau, Idaho's population is growing at a faster rate than the nation.

Idaho is joined by 16 other states with growth rates of at least one-percent. The Gem State also has the 13th strongest growth throughout the nation. However, this growth isn't correlating with the job market, as Idaho's labor force has gone down.

"A lot of the people that are moving in are retirees and there for they are not part of the labor force and they are retired," said Idaho Dept. of Labor Regional Economist, Kathryn Tacke. "And the other thing too some of the people moving in are students. And some people that have been employed for a very long time gave up looking for work."

Nearly 1,000 more people are back to work compared to this time last year.

Washington state is up 1.1%, ranking them 10th nationally.