Potlatch Freeze Community Church offer free Christmas dinner for families in need

POTLATCH, ID - A church in Potlatch is reaching out to people in need this holiday season via Craigslist.

Freeze Community Church is offering free Christmas dinners to families in Potlatch and the surrounding areas who need some help this year. The church said they want to help families during the holidays because they realize that unemployment is high, and that the logging industry has been struggling over the last couple of months.

"Folks are hurting," said Freeze Community Church Pastor Lloyd Knerr. "They try to save enough money to be able to be able to buy gifts for their children and their family, and a lot of times, there's not enough left over for food."

The church is willing to help local families who respond to the ad in the "free" section of the Pullman-Moscow page on Craigslist, or you can contact the them via e-mail at

They say they're willing to travel as far south as Moscow to help a family in need, and they're asking people to contact them by Friday afternoon. The church will purchase all of the ingredients needed for a Christmas dinner on Friday night, and deliver the food on Saturday.