Precipitation continues to remain lower than average in March

CLARKSTON, WA - There's been quite a bit of rain and snow melt from the high country but Asotin County is still three inches below precipitation averages.

Asotin County Emergency Management Coordinator Butch Aiken said historically near the end of March, the area has racked up more water in the valley and higher elevations. Despite the increase in rain over the past couple weeks, Aiken said the possibility of a devastating landslide like that of Oso, Washington isn't possible in our region.

"In '96, '97 we had gully-washers that washed out culverts," said Aiken. "But for a massive landslide...I cannot go back and find anything. Can I think of a place in Asotin County? No."

Aiken said the rivers and creeks are starting to go down,and should continue to do so.