Prescription Drug disposal box available in lobby of police department

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston Police Department is now accepting unused prescription drugs for disposal.

A prescription drug turn-in-box has been placed in the lobby of the police department for use by the public. Proper disposal will keep medications from contaminating waterways and prevents drugs from falling into the hands of children and others who may be tempted to steal them. Police have suggestions for those worried about leaving their information on their prescription bottles.

"You can either leave them in the bottle, dump them directly into the drop box, or if they feel more comfortable, they can empty the pills into a Ziploc bag, throw the bottles away on their own accord, and then just bring the Ziploc baggy in and drop that into the box." said Lewiston Police Department Detective Brian Birdsell.

The collected drugs will be destroyed periodically at an incinerator in Spokane used by Idaho State Police and Idaho Board of Pharmacy. Items such as syringes, liquids, bio-hazards and inhalers are not accepted.

For more information on the drug drop box contact Lewiston Police Department Detective Brian Birdsell at 746-0171.