Preview to KLEW News Special Report Heroin Addicted in the Valley


And now to a preview of a KLEW News Special Report on heroin. It’s an issue that’s plagued communities across the country, and is even a growing issue here in the LC Valley.

According to Lewiston Police, heroin use in the valley has exploded. It’s an issue that affects several different sectors of our community, and not just those who use.

I sat down with two of Lewiston’s undercover narcotics detectives to find out how the changing face of addiction affects law enforcement in our region. They tell me heroin has surpassed methamphetamine as the problem drug in our region. It’s a highly addictive opioid, but the lucrative business of dealing it can be just as addicting. Detectives said heroin doesn’t discriminate, it will destroy anyone’s life.

Detective said, "What we have seen is it destroys that person's life and it destroys their family. It just sends them down a heart-breaking road that they'll possibly never recover from. Can't see that unfortunately we're at the end of the line."

I’ll have part one of this three-part series tomorrow (Wednesday) on KLEW News at 6:00.

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