Prison Rape Elimination Act will effect Nez Perce Co. Jail April inspection

LEWISTON, ID - Last year the jail inspection went really well, however Chief Deputy Gleason said one of the big things now is the implementation of the 'Prison Rape Elimination Act' or PREA.

All jails following the federal law will house state prisoners in their facility, but following the law is easier said then done.

"It is a big cost," said Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office, Chief Deputy Scot Gleason. "Because you got to have an investigator that investigates each of the allegations. Plus you have to educate every prisoner that walks in and out, in some aspect of what it's all about."

If a deficiency is found, jails and prisons are given time to become PREA compliant. Some facilities such as the Kootenai County Jail have opted out because of the strenuous guidelines.