Private investors are in talks with City and Beautiful Downtown Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - While the United States is no longer in the great recession that hit the economy, the recovery has been slow for many parts of the country.

KLEW news learns how City officials are seeing changes in business growth and what that means for the local economy.

Main Street in downtown Lewiston, has seen better days. The bustling restaurants on, near 5th street, are juxtaposed by empty store fronts that line the block near 9th.

"What's happening in Lewiston, what's happening over the last several decades is really reflective of the nation," said Beautiful Downtown Lewiston Executive Director Breanne Durham.

Durham said businesses left downtown areas when city centers and strip malls became hot spots. But Durham is optimistic about the shift in focus to preserving Main Street's historical atmosphere.

"There's a lot of momentum right now, where a lot of businesses are looking back to downtown," said Durham.

"Since 2005 to current, we've issued over 100 permits in the downtown core area," said City of Lewiston Building Official John Smith.

A number that Smith said amounts to almost $16-million in revenue. He anticipates the dollar figure to increase as he says private investors are in talks with the City to renovate buildings and open up businesses in the next couple of years. So that in the near future, local residents have a variety of stores to peruse.

"A destination location," said Smith. "Somewhere to go with the family and something to do with the family."

Beautiful Downtown Lewiston is a non-profit organization that works in conjunction with the City of Lewiston, to restore and regenerate the downtown area. To learn more about their work head to our Facebook page where we've posted a link to their website. just search, KLEW news.