Pro-scooter residents appeal to Lewiston City Council

LEWISTON, ID - It wasn't on the agenda, but Lewiston citizens wanted to talk about scooters at Monday night's city council meeting.

During the public comment period, several people asked the council to reconsider banning scooters at the Mountain Dew Skate Park.

"I never saw any facts or recommendation from the International Scooter Association," said concerned parent Heather Lee. "That clearly states that the skate park is clearly the safest place for a new scooter rider to learn. From new scooter riders to learn etiquette and take calculated risks. But as a parent I am more comfortable with my kid colliding with a smelly and inconvenient 16 year old than I am with a car."

"I think that the place that is public so anybody can come with anything and just people forget to share," said scooter rider Esten Lee.

A petition about the skate park has been sent to the Parks and Rec Commission and will be on their next agenda.