Process of adopting 2014 budget was not easy for Lewiston City Council

LEWISTON, ID - The City of Lewiston fiscal budget is now complete, but the process of finishing it wasn't easy.

The Lewiston City Council didn't agree on many issues surrounding the third reading and adoption of fiscal budget 2014.

It was a full house at the regular session meeting, as council and community members voiced their concern with the budget that has mounted to more than $50 million. The Lewiston City Library is a large part of the budget and also played a significant role in the conversation Monday night. Several motions were made to try and cut costs, however none passed and the new library budget, grew to more than $1 million.

"I think that it's really cowardly and inappropriate to not come up with ideas if you think you need to cut some areas, where are some specific things?" said Lewiston City Mayor Kevin Poole.

"I don't agree with the whole it's cowardly to question it before the last minute, that's why we have a meeting and everyone is here to see the process go through," said Council Member Clinton Daniel.

At the end of the nearly three-hour meeting Council Member Thyra Stevenson spoke about four positions on the council that'll be up for grabs this fall. Monday was the first day to fill out the necessary forms to run, and according to Lewiston City Manager Jim Bennett, six people have already expressed interest in the race that's quickly heating up.