Proposition-One consolidation of governments fails in Asotin County

CLARKSTON, WA - In Asotin County voters made it very clear how they thought about issues on the 2013 ballot.

Proposition-One to combine three local governments into one unified government was voted down by a hefty majority of voters. At last count, 65% of those who cast their ballots didn't agree with the idea. Prop-One opponents are happy to see the people want separate governments throughout the county, but the no vote doesn't necessarily mean the battle ends here.

"If we went over to some sort of consolidated government they might have two or three people representing them out of five or seven," said City of Clarkston Mayor, Kathleen Warren. "And I don't think they liked that idea."

"If the guys that were looking to do this wanted to try this again next year, I would have no trouble throwing my hat into the ring again and giving an effort for it," said Prop-One supporter, Nicholas Fiore.

Supporter Nicholas Fiore said the group behind the proposition knows it'll take a few years to educate the community on what exactly a consolidated government means.