Proposition One discussion gives citizens a chance to hear pros and cons

CLARKSTON, WA - Local voters learned more about Proposition One this evening. That's all in preparation for the upcoming general election in November.

KLEW News learns more about the proposal in Asotin County and how it can affect Washington residents.

Voters, local leaders and candidates alike all gathered in Clarkston City Hall Thursday. Proposition One is a proposal that could consolidate three local government entities. Proposition One is an idea that had many people asking, if it could even logistically work."

"Our needs are all different," said Clarkston City Councilor Kelly Blackmon. "We have different priorities and that's why we have local and county governments."

The idea is that the Asotin County Commission, Clarkston City Council and Asotin City Council are combined. Some argue that one city-county group of leaders streamlines local government.

"Business consolidation of common interests usually provides efficiency and profitability," said Asotin County Freeholder Candidate Keith Delzer. "I think Asotin, Clarkston and Asotin County we have a lot of common interests in this area."

Members of Citizens for Better Government, the group that got Proposition One on the ballot, say regardless of your opinion on the matter the conversation needs to happen.

"The question on Proposition One is do we have the discussion in this community about whether or not we can save money and be more efficient," said Asotin County Freeholder Candidate Scott Broyles. "I think that we need to have the discussion."

If the proposition is passed in November, a group of people would be elected to write a charter, which is basically a list of rules and guidelines for how the new government would work. If and when that happens, the charter itself would need to be approved by voters also.

If you missed Thursday night's session, and you'd like to learn more, there's another one in a few weeks. The LC Valley League of Women is hosting a second session in Asotin at the Asotin Lions Club.

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