Prosecutors continue to build case on day two of Capone's murder trial

MOSCOW, ID - Prosecutors continue to build their case against accused murderer Charles Capone in day two of this high-profile trial.

Wednesday, the prosecution focused on Capone's behavior as well as his relationship with Rachael Anderson in the days before her disappearance.

Witnesses included Anderson's sister, two of her good friends, the couple Capone stayed with after he and Rachael split, and their pastor.

Two of the witnesses testified that Capone and Anderson had sought marriage counseling and attended a session the Tuesday before she vanished.

"She said that she and Charles had talked after the counseling session and that she was given three days to think it over," said Anderson's friend, Jennifer Norberg. "To think everything over. Whether or not she wanted to stay married or end it all. And that Charles wanted to meet back with her on Friday, to give him her answer."

Norberg went on to testify that Anderson went to Moscow alone on that Friday to give Capone that answer and she hasn't seen or heard from her since.

The couple that Capone stayed with then testified that he never came home that night.

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