Public Facilities District tax may appear on Asotin County November ballot

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Commission is making another stride toward regaining funding for the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center through a tax proposal.

KLEW News learns more about the issue that voters will have to decide on, when they cast their ballots this fall.

The Asotin County Commission approved a resolution Monday to create an initiative that has the potential to turn things around for the financial stability of the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center.

"One of the things I hear the most is that we're closed too much," said Asotin Co. Family Aquatic Center Director Nick Bacon.

That's a problem that Director Nick Bacon said could be resolved if an initiative to develop a Public Facilities District tax is put into place.

"The sole reason for the existence of that district is to maintain and operate the Aquatic Center," said Asotin County Commissioner Brian Shinn.

Shinn is spearheading the effort to get the two-tenths of a cent tax voted in. He said if voters agree with increasing taxes in November, the Aquatic Center would benefit from hundreds of thousands of additional dollars each year.

"It could range from $475,000 a year, up to $550,000 a year," said Shinn.

"Ideally we'd be able to go to a seven day a week schedule with a mid-day swim session," said Bacon.

Along with extending hours and adding more staff, Bacon would like to see the center expand.

"A kiddie slide in the kid pool, a slide that children under 45 inches tall would be able to go down would be near the top of the list of things that we would add," said Bacon.

Today, that's wishful thinking. But come fall, the voters could turn his hopes into a reality.

"The Aquatic Center is a community asset," said Bacon. "You may not use it but you may have friends that use it or relatives that use it."

According to Bacon the Aquatic Center is currently subsidized by more than $300,000 a year.