Public forum was held for marijuana moratorium in Asotin County

CLARKSTON, WA - Locals for and against pot in Asotin County gave their two cents Monday morning at the commission meeting.

While a moratorium is technically in place, the county can't officially implement the law without holding a public forum. People who live in the county offered their opinions on the moratorium that would prohibit the sale, growth and distribution of cannabis for a minimum of six months.

"There are still dry counties in America post-prohibition," said Asotin County resident, Rick Rogers. "Those county commissioners have chosen to have dry counties because that's what their people want. I think we should be a dry county."

"Historically, to put your head in the sand on any issue, is certainly not proactive, but does not promote good management on that issue," said Clarkston resident Mark Rudd. "And as a member of the zoning board I am eager to get going with the process."

During the six month hold, the Zoning and Planning Commission will sort through the different regulations put into law by Initiative-502.
The biggest concern at this point is finding all the possible locations that pot sellers and growers can open up shop within the county.
Based on population, Asotin County is eligible to have two pot retail stores.