Public weighs in on needed improvements to pedestrian facilites

LEWISTON, ID - A public forum was held Wednesday afternoon in Lewiston for community members to voice their concerns regarding improvements to pedestrian facilities.

Residents were encouraged to identify where they felt advancements within the valley's public right-of-way are most needed in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The forum allows ADA team members to establish areas in the valley that may have deficient accessibility for those with disabilities.

"Ultimately, these improvements are for the benefit of the community and for the benefit for the people that rely on them," said American with Disabilities Public Coordinator Bryant Kuechle. "For the pedestrians that are out there, particularly pedestrians with disabilities that need to get around the community safely and effectively."

So far the group has measured and catalogued more than 3,500 curb ramps, nearly 3,000 sidewalk segments and 57 transit stops. Once the staff has evaluated existing conditions, the information is given to those cities and counties within the Lewis-Clark Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization, who will then prioritize which areas need the most focus.