PUD replaces water lines before resurfacing on 13th Street in Clarkston

CLARKSTON, WA - If you're expecting to travel along 13th Street on Monday look out for possible road closures.

The Public Utilities District will start replacing water lines along the roadway, but don't worry, because they'll be working on one block at a time.

Roads will be completely closed on each block they're working on, but they'll re-open in the evening. Those who live in the area will be able to get to their homes anytime of the day. Additional parking spaces will be provided in each area since people won't be able to park on the street.

"They will be going block by block, starting at Bridge Street, tearing up the roadway in order to get things fixed up and the infrastructure in place before we actually do the re-surfacing," said Public Works Director, James Martin.

Martin said if they can wrap this part up quickly, they hope to start re-surfacing by late fall or early spring. He thinks it'll take roughly a week to complete each block.