Pullman Aquatic Center receives generous grant from Schweitzer family

PULLMAN, WA - Tuesday night, the Pullman City Council approved a $310,000 grant that was given to the aquatic center from the Schweitzer family.

"Our most generous appreciation is extended to the Schweitzers' for this gift," said City Supervisor John Sherman. "It's just fabulous."

Ed and Beatrice Schweitzer donated the money to build the original aquatic center facility in 2000. When they heard that the city's budget cuts forced the aquatic center to cut back on its hours of operation, they decided extend their generosity even further.

"It was never meant to be a burden," said Pullman Aquatics Center Aquatics program coordinator Karen Johnston. "So him (Ed Schweitzer) and Beatrice wanted to ensure that it was not a burden on the city, on the taxpayers, and on this community."

Two-hundred and fifty-thousand dollars of the grant money will fund a long list of capital improvements, such as resurfacing the bottom of the pools, repainting walls, and upgrading the showers. There will be some fun additions as well.

"Our two big new 'toys' for lack of a better word, we're going to put in an 'Aquaclimb' which is a climbing wall over the water, and then we're looking at some improvements in our fitness room as well." said Johnston.

The extended hours will potentially attract new members, which comes as perhaps the greatest benefit of the sizable contribution.

"Our motto, our slogan, is that we make family fitness fun," said Johnston. "We want parents to realize that they can be active and exercise with their children. We can do that all together here at the Aquatic Center."