Pullman celebrates Lentil Festival over the weekend

PULLMAN, WA - Every year, no matter how hot it may be, people flock to the National Lentil Festival in Pullman for food, fun and good company.

"It's just fun to be out here in the crowd," said attendee Bonnie Vanallen. "You see people that you don't get to see very often out here."

"Just seeing my kids run around and have fun with all the little games and stuff," said attendee Braden Althaus."

"Family members running around and just enjoying the activities and getting to know the neighbors, people you haven't seen in a long time," said attendee Hassan Hassan. "That's what Pullman's all about, small town feeling."

The question is, do the attendees know what a lentil is?

"It's... kind of like a seed," said attendee Abby Sebold.

"Um I think it's like a bean of something,I don't know."said Hassan Hassan.

"Lentil is a plant. That's all I know!" said Bonnie Vanallen. "Isn't it like a chick pea or a pea? I don't know because I don't eat lentils."

"A lentil is a legume," said attendee Dennis Vanallen. "It's like a pea."

That's right, a lentil is a plant in the legume family. The lens-shaped seeds that it produces are used to make chili, chips, and even ice cream. The tradition of the Lentil Fest goes back 24 years, and Nancy Phelps said that she's made it to all of them.

"I like to get the food and talk the things, and see all the stuff," said Phelps.

Even after surviving a stroke last year, she still made it to the celebration. She even played her cornet in the parade.