Pullman City Council makes budget cuts with out lay offs

PULLMAN, WA - Wednesday night the Pullman City Council decided that cutting $500,000 from the 2012 budget is simply not going to happen.

The council set that goal about a month ago in hopes of finishing out the year with 9.8% of the general funds in reserve. But with only four months left in the year, cutting that much from the budget would lead to serious layoffs that would cripple the city's departments.

"That really crystallizes where we're at," said Pullman City Supervisor John Sherman. "Are there positive things going on, yes. But it's the reality of the situation."

Instead, the council was able to make about $140,000 in cuts, leaving 8% of the general fund in reserve. The council made these cuts by choosing to leave some vacancies open, such as the youth services librarian and a couple of police officer positions. They were also able to shift some expenses away from the general fund.

Even though 75% of the city's budget goes to salaries and benefits, no jobs were lost in these budget cuts.

The council will start discussing the 2013 budget on October 9th.