Pullman City Council prepares for 2013 budget cuts

PULLMAN, WA - The Pullman City Council held their pre-budget workshop Tuesday night to prepare for the cuts that will need to come in 2013.

The budget requests submitted by each department head totaled more than $17 million, an amount that exceeds the projected 2013 general fund budget by more than $581,000. Unlike previous years, the city will not be able to balance the 2013 budget with its reserve funds, and the council will likely face budget cuts that they have been avoiding.

"There's little doubt that there will be some pain involved," said Interim City Supervisor Mark Workman. "And there quite likely will be some personnel reductions."

Workman suggests that the council cut both the fire and police budgets by $35,000 each because they're the two largest portions of the general fund, and they have both increased rapidly over the last few years. Workman also recommends that nearly $15,000 in cuts be made to the library budget since its services are not related to safety or infrastructure. The city council accepted the staff recommendations, and department heads will present information about what they will cut at the next city council meeting on October 23.