Pullman City Supervisor retires after many years of service

PULLMAN, WA - After 31 years of serving as the Pullman City Supervisor, John Sherman will retire this Friday.

At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, he delivered his last economic report and afterward, he received an award as well as a standing ovation for his much appreciated many years of service. Sherman's current and former colleagues will not only miss his hard work, but his friendly personality.

"There's great people that work at the city, so people will fill in until they find a replacement," said former Mayor of Pullman Mitch Chandler. "I just feel sorry for the next replacement, he has awfully big shoes to fill."

"You know, it's time," said Sherman. "I'll be 65 on Saturday, so retiring on Friday makes all the sense in the world."

As city supervisor, Sherman was the chief appointed administrative officer for Pullman and his responsibilities included working with all the department heads and providing the city council with advice. He was known around town for his work with the League of Women Voters and the Student Government at WSU. Sherman said that he is excited to retire and that he plans on staying in Pullman.