Pullman Disposal switches to single-stream recycling

PULLMAN, WA - Residents can be a little more relaxed about recycling, now that the city is on the single-stream system.

Pullman Disposal made the switch to single-stream recycling Tuesday, which means residents can throw their recyclables into one big, maroon bin. Single-stream is easier for residents and disposal workers, and a wider variety of materials are accepted.

"The containers are much larger, and so there's so much potential to recycle more and consequently, there will be less trash in the landfills," said Pullman Disposal President Devon Feldsted.

Recyclable items are listed on the lid of the bins, but things like plastic bags, milk cartons, and sharp metal scraps aren't accepted. The pick-up schedule is the same, but the convenience has its cost. Pullman Disposal said fees will increase an estimated $2.50 per month.