Pullman firefighters deployed to fight wildfire in Oregon


From British Columbia to Eastern Washington, Idaho and into Montana, local agencies are donating their resources to help fight those wildfires in the Pacific Northwest.

These are images of the Ana Fire currently burning in south central Oregon. So far, 6,000 acres have burned and it’s 20-percent contained. Agencies from all over the region have come in to help fight the fire, including the Pullman Fire Department.

Chief Mike Heston is currently there with a type-two incident team but the department is still focused on Pullman even when members and equipment are deployed.

Chief Heston said, “We back fill with members whose positions require that with off duty members and that is through an agreement that the Washington State has for all hazard mobilizations.”

While there are no local wild fires officials said come late July that could all change with the timber drying out.

“Even though it was predicted to be an average fire season for the state, this first little uptick is more than we anticipated in regards to the number of mobilizations,” said Chief Heston.

This is partly due to the state having a higher priority to jump on the fires when they first ignite. In 2015 the department sent out two engines and an ambulance as well as overhead teams and that put a stress on everyone involved.

Chief Heston said, “At the point where we couldn't sustain that we were going to recall members and we did such once football season came here all members were recalled.”

And that’s to ensure communities in urban areas have proper coverage.

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